Sunday, April 24, 2011

Greatest Event

A few years ago (4?) when I first heard our Pastor say that Easter was "the greatest event in human history" it struck me.  Well now that I think on it, its probable that he's been referring to Easter in that way since I've been going to that church (2001).  However, it was only three or four years ago I'd say that his saying this really stuck out to me.

I had never thought about it that way.  At the time I was a believer but wasn't that dedicated to God or to developing my faith.  But that assertion of his which he makes each Easter-time has resonated with me more and more every year.  It is true.  The events of Easter are our salvation and nothing better could happen to the human race than this.  Thank you God :)  Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Good memory. One thing that he said today that really stood out to me is how this past week is the most impt. week of the year. Made me think and go, Hmmmmmm, you know, you're right!