Friday, April 15, 2011

Kierkegaard, you opresseth me no longer ...well sorta

I wish this post was announcing my completion of the book I wrote about here.  But alas, it isn't.  It's only an update on the situation.

Last Sunday, my wife again insisted that I take a break from it and read something I'll enjoy and come back to K.  She knew I wouldn't just give it up completely.  Then she said, why don't I start something else and read 10 pages of K each week and then I would finish it around when my summer started (I have a 9 month contract each year...!).  The thought intrigued me, she pressed, and then I finally agreed, diving into a short novel I've had my eye on.  Short, especially since I feel the need to catch back up to my normal book reading pace after months of Kierkegaardian oppression.  At least I've been listening to audiobooks and getting a reasonable amount of my own writing done in that time or else I would feel like a complete slacker.  Now, I just feel largely slackery.

Almost a week into this new plan, I'm already almost a third done with this book, short though it is.  And it's so marvelous - reading both fiction and something I'm enjoying.

Kierkegaard, I think you're a great and important philosopher, but I don't anticipate reading another one of your works for a long time.


  1. First of all, your wife sounds brilliant. :)

    Second, this post cracked me up in so many ways, especially the title and "Kierkegaardian oppression." Glad you've decided to give yourself some breathing (/reading) room.

    And Soren is such a cool name.